Take control of your technology

Technology advances rapidly. At In-Focus Systems, we specialize in turning complex integrated technology into functional systems that are easy to use and customized to fit the unique needs and budget of your evolving business. We provide complete solutions for structured cabling systems so your company can use current technology and be prepared for new technology as it becomes available. Our experts can design, provide and install audio, video and control systems that are fully integrated and easy to use for your employees.

Imagine the wide array of possibilities — a visit to our 8,000 sq. ft. showroom will give you firsthand experience with the many quality options that are available at a competitive price.

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Data, Voice and Fiber Optics

Rule the business world with effective communications

A reliable communication system is a core component in the successful operation of any business. Today’s advanced technology offers an extensive list of applications that are designed to improve your business communication methods and increase your company’s overall performance in the marketplace. Call centers, VOIP (Voice Over IP), e-mail, Internet, ISDN, networking, voice mail and wireless may all be part of your business infrastructure. Our team of industry experts at In-Focus Systems can help you make smart technology investments and build an upgradeable data system that can handle the communication capabilities of the future.

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Boardrooms and Training Rooms

Invest in your company's future

In today's busy and competitive business climate, it’s imperative that your meetings and presentations be effective and efficient. It requires a wise investment in technology to turn your conference room into a multi-functional workspace. Components that are absolutely necessary are a networked computer with internet access, and a quality digital projector that will allow presentations to be displayed prominently to a group.


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Teleconference & Video Conferencing

Transform your communication strategies

Time is money, and both are commodities in the business environment. That’s one of the reasons why both teleconferencing and video conferencing have become important methods of communication for a large number of companies these days. The rapid globalization of our economy and high cost of travel are other factors.



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Telephone Systems

Link to the outside world with confidence

Your phone system may be your company’s most important link to the outside world. In-Focus technicians can plan and install a telephone system for your company that will support all the features your business currently requires with plenty of options for future growth and expansion. Schedule a free consultation to help us understand your internal and external communication needs.

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Paging Systems

Add flexibility to your telephone communications

In-Focus Systems provides solutions for all your paging needs. Paging systems are a convenient and cost effective way to be sure everyone in your organization stays on top of communications effectively. It also allows the employees of your business to communicate in more than one area simultaneously. We offer a wide variety of quality products that can be customized to fit any situation.

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Music Systems

High Quality Audio Equipment

Our experts at In-Focus Systems work with all major brands, and we can help you decide which high quality Audio/Video equipment makes the most sense for your business. With countless options being available, it’s important to work with trusted experts who are knowledgeable in regard to the most current advances in technology. 

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Provide Maximum Protection for Your Business

At In-Focus Systems, we can design a reliable, comprehensive security system to fit your company’s specific requirements. Whether you're the sole proprietor of a small business or you control the security needs of a larger business, you know that protecting the safety of your employees, your property, your confidential information and your investment is a responsibility that can’t be taken lightly.



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Peace of Mind

Installing security and surveillance cameras around your business is a great deterrent for potential intruders. Cameras provide peace of mind while you are away from the office and a more comforting environment while you are there.