Home Theater & Media Rooms

What are the differences between a dedicated home theater and a media room?

The major distinction is the flexibility of the space. 


A dedicated home theater is designed specifically for watching movies or television on a big screen via a projector and usually cannot be adapted for other uses.  It delivers a true movie theater experience with a projector, projection screen, and crystal clear picture and sound.  With stadium style seating, surround sound, soundproofing and low ambient style lighting you may never want to leave your home to see a movie again.


A home media room is typically designed to watch movies, television, play video games, and Internet activity in a more open area that has other functional uses such as a family room.  The main attraction is the media components.  You can incorporate a large screen TV with surround sound or have a projector and screen.  It can be simple or intricate.


The team at In-Focus Systems will work closely with you, your builder and/or designer to determine room dimensions, seating placement, acoustic design, component selection and attention to detail that will produce an outstanding media experience for you and your budget.


Other Options:

The Hidden Television:  Conceal your wall mounted TV

  • on a motorized lift that will disappear into a cabinet or ceiling
  • behind framed artwork that scrolls up and down.
  • behind a mirror in the bathroom.


Just the Evening News Please: 

Do you just need a simple TV on the wall or in the cabinet?  We can provide you with the best products and make sure it’s professionally installed and optimized.


Streaming or Storage? 

Do you have a big collection of your own movies or do you like to stream from the web?  We can make it easy for you to integrate these options.