Whole House Music Systems

Whole house audio gives you the ability to control music with high quality sound throughout your entire home. Using a touch panel or an iPad or your smart phone you can conveniently access a centralized audio source and be able to listen to the radio, play your CDs, iPod, radio stream like Pandora, or music server anywhere in your home.

You can play the same music everywhere or play different music in different rooms. Choose your music source, the room or rooms where you want to play it and your volume preference for each area.

As an example, for a party or a family holiday gathering you may want to play music throughout your home from your CD, iTunes collection or music server. Or if you are relaxing on your patio and your partner is working in the home office, you can both enjoy different background music.

Explore our various speaker options including

  • “Invisible” ceiling and walls speakers
  • Outdoor speaker systems
  • Wireless portable speakers.

In-Focus Systems can design and install a quality whole house audio system to fit your budget and provide listening enjoyment for the personal choices of each family member. The look is clean and the operation is simple.