Window Treatments

In-Focus Systems is a partner with Lutron for motorized window treatment solutions.    With motorized shades you can easily raise and lower at the touch of a button from either a keypad, remote, touch panel, iPad or smart phone.  You can also pre-set them in many different ways to automatically open and close during a specific time of day. 


There are many reasons to invest in motorized shades.


Convenience - If you have a lot of windows in your home, especially large ones, you can automatically open and close them at the touch of a button. 


Control - Shades can be programmed to automatically open and close at pre-set times of the day and night.  Some examples of how they can be programmed:

  • Open and close at sunrise/sunset.
  • Summer - automatically close during the day when the sun is most intense to save on cooling costs and shield your floors and furniture from fading.
  • Winter - automatically open during the day to let the sun warm your home and save on heating costs.
  • Security - when your shades go up and down automatically, your house looks as if someone is there, even when you are hundreds of miles away.


Protection - Windows make a home. They're beautiful and they open our homes to nature. They also open our home to nature's damaging effects.  UV rays affect all art, fabrics, wood, and rugs.  Shading protects the beauty of these objects and your investment. 

Energy Efficiency - Program shades to automatically shield your home's interior from hot sun in the summer.  In the winter months pre-set your shades to let the warmth in during daylight hours.

Privacy - Shades can be set to automatically lower at sunset or when desired to provide privacy for your family.

Enhanced Aesthetics - Automated shades can be completely concealed from view if they are considered prior to framing. Nestled into the window header they are invisible until lowered. There are tons of designer fabrics to choose from with a rainbow of colors and patterns. Also, there are various styles in addition to roller shades, such as roman and the new Kirbe vertical drapery system.  

Movie Time / Blackout - With shade control, anytime can be movie time.  Many people have their media room in their family room, which usually means lots of light. In the summer, you have to wait until sunset to curl up and watch a good movie. Now, you can make that room pitch black during daylight hours at the touch of a button.

Shhhh...Quiet Please! -  Did we mention that automatic shading is virtually silent when going up and coming down? No loud motors. No strange noises. No matter how big the shade.